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Polished plaster, Polished render, Polished concrete render, Polished concrete

Polished plaster, Polished render, Polished concrete render are render finishes that are usually done externally but because of shows like the block are becoming popular hard plaster finishes internally.

The following manufacturers produce the products that can be used to give that polished look externally.

  • Mac render – Suede
  • Quikcote – Velvet
  • Unitex – Unirock
  • Dulux – polished concrete finish

However they can be used internally on walls to give that marble look, like the photos we took of a job a couple of years ago on the right.

Polished plaster is usually sealed with a protective layer of beez wax for interior only

Internal Polished Render


External Polished Render


Current photos for polished render or polished concrete render that we did on benchtops for a restaurant earlier on in the year are below. These benchtops will be featured on a TV show that will be appearing on channel 9 in the next few months. Clients wanted a wet polished look. A different sealer had to be used for this look, a wet look sealer had to be used which on its own was $137 a litre.


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